How Much Does Custom Software Cost?

An increasing number of businesses are reaching out to third-party developers for the creation of custom software and mobile apps….

Software Development Lifecycle: Waterfall Vs Agile

Waterfall Vs Agile Due to the unique business challenges that software developers face, such as rapidly changing project scope and…

Woodridge Named Top Denver Mobile App Developer

Woodridge Software has been recognized as a top Denver Mobile App Developer by Upcity. Upcity is one of the largest…

Woodridge Named Top Denver Software Developer

  Woodridge Software has been recognized as a top Denver Software Developer by Upcity. Upcity is one of the largest…

Embracing Friction in UX

The concept of friction can be lent to the realm of usability design where the user and the interface are two entities moving against one another, creating an abrasive opposition as the user travels through their intended task flow.

Choosing Between Native and Hybrid Apps

Native vs Hybrid apps are two different ways of writing your mobile application. Woodridge may use either depending on the type of your application, your risk tolerance of depending on a framework, and how much native functionality you need.

SQL Statements on Production

The title of this blog should frighten most developers. Generally speaking, we want to avoid running a SQL statement – UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE – on production if it possible. One statement can do a lot of damage if it’s not 100% correct.

Increasing Efficiency as a Developer

Writing code is easy to today’s world. I’m not even talking about writing quality code, following the Agile manifesto, nor eeking out every possible nanosecond of speed out of your code. I’m talking about punching keys and having having text appear on the screen.

How To Build a More Secure Web App

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, it seems like hackers’ methods of attacking modern software are evolving at an even faster pace. Unfortunately, the average software developer has little to no understanding of the miscellaneous attacks that are used by hackers, nor do they completely understand how to help prevent them.

Custom Software Tools: When Should You Build Your Own?

“Should I invest time learning a new software tool? Or, should I just build my own?” These are questions I encounter regularly as a software developer, but these questions are also relevant to any individual or company trying to make their business more efficient.

2018 BPTW Winner

Woodridge is proud to announce that we have been named a winner in the 2018 Denver Business Journal Best Places…

2018 CCTW Winner

Woodridge is proud to announce that we have been named a winner in the 2018 Colorado Companies to Watch competition….

Software Project ROI

Taking the dive into creating custom software for your business is not a small decision. Whether it’s creating a new app or adding features to an existing one, you could be looking at $10K, $100K or even $1M dollars in costs. There’s no reason to ever make that decision unless you will get at least that much in return.

Advantages Of Functional Programming

Functional programming is a foreign concept to many software developers. Sure, they may have heard of functional programming before, maybe even seen a language or two, but imperative programming is still their bread and butter. In this day and age, a purely functional language is only useful for heating your computer (for most purposes), but knowing functional programming concepts can be immensely beneficial.

Writing Maintainable Android Apps

At Woodridge, we encounter a variety of codebases. These codebases consist of code we write as well as code that we inherit. In the event that the original developers retire or pass away, we simply inherit the code. On the other hand, we inherit code from prospective clients where the code is less friendly to work with.