Building Your Own Software Solution

I read a recent Wall Street Journal blog that declared:

“The pendulum is swinging away from packaged software and rented software as a service. Instead, companies from Tesla Motors Inc. to Facebook Inc. are writing their own software in key areas that give them a competitive advantage.”

The blog stated that the efforts go beyond building a mobile app, to critical back-office applications that involve some internal business process. In my opinion, a custom software application should be a last resort. I am often advising clients who ask if we can build this or that, “Yes, we can, but have you looked for a packaged solution that does most of what you want?”

Typically, an off-the-shelf solution will be cheaper to buy and own than hiring us to build a custom software solution. That being said, if a client or prospect has searched for something that does what they want and comes up empty, custom software can be a good choice. You get exactly what you desire, with none of the compromises that you often have to live with when buying packaged software.

And if the app creates a competitive advantage, building a custom system could revolutionize your business. We’ve seen that several times with our clients. So, I don’t know if the “pendulum is swinging,” but I like the trend!

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