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Bluetooth Factory Device Monitoring and Administration

CleanPlanet is an international leader in chemical waste recycling technology. They’ve built systems that provide 99%+ recovery efficiency while keeping second-to-second tabs on the health and vital statistics on their processing units.

The Challenge

Managing expensive factory equipment without supervised, on-site technicians requires real-time distributed data collection.

CleanPlanet selected Woodrige to help push this stream of real-time data to servers in the cloud, where the data could be stored, analyzed, and used to dispatch real-time alerts to technicians on the ground.

Clean Planet Web Application
Clean Planet Application Flow

Unit Tablet Devices

Real-time status and alerts allow CleanPlanet’s 70+ clients to quickly and easily monitor and manage each chemical processing unit.

A simple-to-use and easy-to-understand tablet interface was designed to be associated with each machine.

Live Monitoring

At-a-glance equipment status monitoring allows technicians to quickly determine if any unit requires attention.

Each device wirelessly tracks and reports unit performance, documents waste reductions and environmental improvements.

Clean Planet Tablet User Interface

Big Data

Using Bluetooth, Woodridge built an app for each tablet to wirelessly receive sensor data from its paired recycling unit every second.

The data is delivered to a custom built web portal, where CleanPlanet support engineers monitor technical information from equipment in the field without the need to go on-site.

Advanced analytics and calculated metrics leverage graphs and tables to report both historic and up-to-the-hour data. Real-time alerts and notifications are automatically dispatched via email and text messages when systems require attention.

Hourly Data Records AWS Aurora 505,101
Seconds of Data Packets AWS S3 1,818,364,000
Individual Sensor Readings AWS S3 100,000,000,000+
Clean Planet Admin Screens


Woodridge designed and built robust monitoring and reporting infrastructure for CleanPlanet recycling units dispersed throughout manufacturing facilities across North America.

The units are communicating 24/7 with the cloud servers that we architected via an Android mobile tablet app.

The system is a prime example of the Internet of Things – harnessing the power of the cloud to network factory equipment with mobile devices and ultimately with offsite technicians to share data and information.

We’re proud to be a part of the recycling efforts that CleanPlanet is achieving!

1,000,000+ Gallons of Solvent Recovered
7,000,000+ Pounds of Waste Reduction
40,000,000+ Pounds of Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Services Provided

  • UX and Visual Design
  • Web Development
  • Native Android Development

Technologies Used

  • Laravel
  • Bluetooth
  • Java
  • Amazon Aurora Cloud Database
  • Custom Javascript

About the Client

Clean Planet Chemicals, based in Ottawa, Canada, is a leader in the onsite chemical recycling industry. It has developed a system that enables manufacturers to efficiently recycle their chemical/solvent waste into reusable, virgin quality product.

Android App