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Secure Location and Blood Alcohol Content Monitoring

Outreach Smartphone Monitoring set out to disrupt the antiquated and expensive industry of supplying ankle bracelets used by criminal justice systems. With help from Woodridge, they proved that they could do it not only cheaper but much, much, better.

Improving Quality of Life

Due to the stigma and inherent invasiveness of wearing an ankle bracelet, subjects find themselves in embarrassing and socially limiting situations.

By replacing ankle bracelets with a product that nearly every person already has in their pocket or purse, OSM envisioned a solution to the intrusion that these subjects face.

The Challenge

OSM came to Woodridge with a ground-breaking, raw idea. Our job was to turn this concept into a reality – to design and build a product that would transform the processes used by court districts across the country.

OSM Mobile App and Breathalyzer

Advanced Integrations

Collaborating with hardware manufacturers, we incorporated and customized multiple personal Bluetooth alcohol breathalyzers allowing enhanced subject monitoring.

Our expertise in GPS & Mapping allowed us to create a scalable and secure cloud solution for data collection and storage of detailed geo-tracking information.

Leveraging native camera functionality, we created video check-ins to ensure valid compliance.

Finally, we set up a payment processing system, allowing subjects to pay directly, relieving the courts of a painful collection process.

OSM Admin Page

Products working together

Woodridge created both iOS and Android apps that are used to routinely monitor individual subjects’ physical locations and blood alcohol levels. Social service resources and reporting statistics are available at the tap of a button. Rewards can be achieved based on good behavior and routine check-ins.

In tandem, we built a robust web utility that allows caseworkers to view, manage and monitor each subject that they are responsible for. A detailed map of the subject’s location history is available to them as is the ability to set inclusion and exclusion zones which notifies them when boundaries are breached.

“Working with Woodridge has allowed us to focus on growing our business with complete confidence that the technology side is being expertly created and managed. We are in great hands.”

Mike Kingery, President OSM


The OSM system built by Woodridge has received accolades in the marketplace and has gained widespread acceptance in the offender monitoring profession having been adopted by hundreds of Parole, Probation, Pretrial, Reentry Courts, Drug Courts, Treatment Facilities and Private Probation Agencies across the country.

The OSM app has been recognized with an Innovation in American Government Award-winning product by Harvard University.

Services Provided

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • API Development
  • UX Design & Strategy
  • UI & Visual Design
  • Bluetooth Development
  • Geolocation & Mapping

Technologies Used

  • Swift
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • 3rd Party Device Integration
  • Java
  • Mobile Camera Integration

About the Client

Outreach Smartphone Monitoring, a Colorado based company, is a leader in developing applications for the legal field. OSM has been recognized by the American Bar Association, the Center for Court Innovation, and numerous media outlets for the impact its products have made.

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