Healthcare & Biomedical

Woodridge has extensive experience with Healthcare and Biomedical applications. We have built an application for stroke victims, surgical bluetooth devices, psychological assessment tools, wearable sensors, cloud monitoring solutions, and even a virtual microscope. Additionally, our business experience has allowed us to build process and operations management applications in the Healthcare industry.

We enjoy playing a part in developing research into a commercialized product, or helping a larger company innovate and build industry changing applications. Our security and process offerings allow us to navigate the HIPAA, FDA, and other needs of the industry. And our agile processes allow for rapid prototyping often required to keep pace in this rapidly changing industry. Talk to us with your Healthcare and Biomedical related needs and see what we can do for you.

Diverse Expertise

Our team consists of experienced software strategists, designers, and developers, who have collectively designed and developed 100s of apps. We’ve hired software developers that are not only technically skilled, but also have the capability to understand your business. Our design thinking is not limited to graphics, but instead is focused first on your user’s experience. Woodridge has the experience and expertise necessary to get your project done on time and on budget. Learn more about the Woodridge team.

Active Communication

Woodridge takes the time to understand your business needs and the project’s requirements before beginning work. We also take the time to understand your users and their level of technical sophistication. You will be working directly with the project managers, UX designers and software developers building your project. We will also continue to support and maintain your application after it has been launched.

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Let us evaluate your project to see if Woodridge is the right fit for your company. We will communicate with you to determine what your project requires, and provide you an estimated cost for completion – all at no cost to you. Please fill out our evaluation form and someone from our team will contact you.