Our Process

Our proven enterprise agile process scales to any size project

Our team has designed and deployed 100's of applications and we are experts in agile software development. We deliver the full lifecycle of a successful software release and, because our principals have deep product backgrounds, we understand how important a good process is.

Diagram of Woodridge Software process for projects.

Project Stages

Step 1 Ideate

Understand the business goals and develop a digital strategy.

We work with you to understand each business opportunity related to your project. We identify technical challenges early, then research and architect solutions.

Our user-centric approach produces end results that are simple and engaging. We develop Personas, Journey Mapping, and Usability Testing to better understand your user base.

Step 2 Design

Pair user strategy with business strategy.

User Experience (UX) Design naturally evolves from user research. Know your users, their needs, and their goals. Our team of multi-faceted designers provide system flows, journey maps, annotated wireframes, final UI design and click-model protoypes.

Close communication is key to success here, and the concepts are iterated on with our team and yours. We'll optimize until we have the perfect design to fit you and your users' requirements.

Step 3 Develop

Deliver working software every 2 weeks.

Whether inheriting code or starting from scratch, Woodridge is able to guide you toward the right framework, language, and platform for your project. Our highly gifted team of developers are computer scientists fluent in many computer languages.

We'll help choose the right technology for your project. Once we have chosen the best approach, we move forward with secure front-end, back-end, and full-stack development.

Step 4 QA Test

Ensure expected results through Quality Assurance testing.

We pride ourselves on creating quality software. Our code is scalable, reusable, readable, and high performing.

Our over 21-year experience in software development with many different types of projects has allowed us to create comprehensive testing workflows and standard Woodridge Software Jira Best Practices.

Step 5 Launch

Go Live!

When all sprints are complete and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) passes, we are ready to launch. Hosting is typically done with Amazon AWS, which allows us to easily scale, backup, and manage your application.

Depending on the project type and complexity, single or multiple releases may be fitting. Either way, our agile development will accelerate your time to market.

Step 6 Maintain & Enhance

Continually optimize and grow.

Our goal is to support your software over the long run and become a trusted technology partner. We are here to help you maintain, monitor, and update your app.

We will work with you to ensure stability and longevity. We also provide support of new ideas and features. Let us help with your roadmap so you can continue to impress your users, customers, and investors.

As far as we're concerned, it doesn't end there.

98% of our clients stay with us for ongoing app maintenance.

See if Woodridge is right for you

We have a pretty straightforward process for starting projects:

  1. Discovery

    We start projects with a 15-30 minute discovery call. In this call, we tell you a little about Woodridge and learn about your project to see if there’s a good fit.

  2. Requirements Gathering

    This call is an hour long and will involve our design and development team leads. At this point, we’re getting a list of features, functionality and third-party integrations. By the end of this call, we will give you a high-level estimate for the project, with a more detailed estimate to follow.

  3. Project Proposal

    Our team leaders will take the requested feature list and come up with an estimate, project timeline and project strategy. We turn these around in a week and they contain everything that you need to make a decision.

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