We’re dedicated to designing, protecting and maintaining security products.

The world’s best security companies turn to Woodridge to design, develop and integrate security solutions.

Our team started building security products 20 years ago and have been helping top security companies ever since.

Security Experience includes: Identity and Access Management, Scanning, Cloud Security, Mobile, Monitoring, Anti-Virus, BYOD, MDM, VPN, CASB, NAC


"Woodridge’s team allowed us to meet our client deadlines, saving us over $15 million“

Large Anti-Virus Vendor

"The developers at Woodridge are a great mix of smart, experienced and well-spoken. They integrated with our team perfectly.“

Mid Sized Security Product Vendor

"Woodridge handles maintenance of all our legacy apps, so our core development team can focus on building new products.“

Identity and Access Management Vendor

"Woodridge’s experience and expertise with networking protocols is hard to come by. It has helped accelerate our development across the board.“

Network Access Control Vendor

Woodridge builds security apps using best practices

which ensures that all code is maintainable, and communication is clear.

Cloud Implementation & Security

Many of today’s security products, protect the cloud, live in the cloud or are the cloud. Woodridge has been working with cloud applications since 2006. While it’s easy to put a product in the cloud, setting it up securely and scalable can be quite a challenge. We are AWS certified solution architects. We can help migrate your products to the cloud, or help implement your products securely in the cloud.


Our team is versed in many forms of Agile development. We are comfortable adjusting to the processes that make your company work. Whether it's Rally or Jira (or another software tool), the SAFE system, one or two-week sprints, Kanban or Scrum, or some combination, it’s fine by us. We are good communicators and enjoy collaboration in any form.

QA Processes

Our quality assurance team plays a key role in our software development lifecycle. By implementing software testing during every step of the development process, you improve the quality, performance and reliability of the end product. We make it a point to test early and often to decrease the amount of effort required to fix bugs later on.


We can work with any language you can throw at us. From C & Assembly to Swift, GO, & Kotlin, we have a developer that knows it. This means that we can easily adopt, maintain and work on legacy code for all of our clients. Since we work with so many languages and we help launch a new product about every 60 days, we are an excellent resource to help your team make the right architecture decisions for your products.

API Integrations

Woodridge addresses API security as an architectural challenge and ensures that all API integrations meet our security standards before any development takes place. While APIs may represent an increased risk for enterprises, we ensure that our clients can reap all of the benefits with as little risk as possible.

Software Development Lifecycle

We leverage a Software Development Lifecycle that ensures that security related activities such as Security Audits, Code Review and architecture analysis are an integral part of the development effort. We use these techniques to help our partners build more secure and scalable products.

Designing a CASB Dashboard

A large security vendor engaged Woodridge to help design the UX/UI of their new CASB product. Due to our background in building and maintaining security products, Woodridge was able to ramp up a qualified design team on the project immediately. The design team worked closely with the client through the ideation, user research, and design phases to deliver a prototype in time for the product’s release at the biggest cybersecurity conference of the year.

Woodridge Software is now an RCG Global Services Company