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Top Global Implementation Partner for Infinity Journey Manager

Increase deposits, gain agility, and drive digital revenue by creating outstanding customer acquisition experiences. Temenos Infinity increases agility, helping banks create dynamic product offers, support instant decisions, and get to market faster.

Temenos Certified Services Partner
Temenos Certified Services partner

Temenos Infinity Onboarding Services

Infinity Implementations

Whether you need an out-of-the-box DAO solution or a fully customized implementation, we can help. Our development team is trained in building DAO implementations in Maestro and OpenUX/React.

Platform Maintenance & Upgrades

Our primary goal is to make your implementation successful. We offer extensive support during post-implementation and help you upgrade to the newest platforms along the way.

UX & UI Enhancements

Our UX/UI experts continually deliver experiences that increase new account conversion rates. Our customers see up to a 65% conversion rate, up from the 30% industry average.

3rd Party Integrations

Utilize our extensive experience integrating the Infinity platform with all the third-party financial services you need to produce a streamlined customer experience.

Additional Lines of Business

We help Financial Institutions succeed by building new lines of business on top of their existing implementation including Business DAO, Business Lending, Retail Lending, Retail Credit, and more.


Utilizing a proper CI/CD pipeline improves time to market, increases code quality, and gives financial institutions the ability to innovate and meet the expectations of a consumer-driven market.

Speak with a Woodridge Representative at TCF

Visit Woodridge at booth #29 to speak with a representative and learn about our Temenos Infinity Capabilities.

  • Kaj Gronholm, CEO Kaj Gronholm CEO
  • Jeremy Schlarb, Financial Services Practice Manager Jeremy Schlarb Financial Services Practice Manager
  • Lincoln Key, Marketing & Sales Ops Manager Lincoln Key Marketing & Sales Ops Manager

Virtual Bookshelf

Woodridge collateral is available below for digital download. If you'd like a physical copy, please visit us at booth #29.

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