Time to Upgrade?

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Custom Software

Whether you’ve had your custom software for five years or one year, there are always things that could be changed or improved. Maybe your user interface needs a facelift or maybe you just want your app to be compatible with your shiny new Apple watch. Either way, now may be the time for a software refresh. Here are some of the most common reasons to give your software a much-needed upgrade.

Security Updates

While it may seem like your software is working fine, there may be some gaping holes underneath the hood that hackers will find. Security is not only about having your software written correctly the first time, but also performing regular updates and maintenance patches. Often, with custom software, the mantra is “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. But, with security issues, you may not know it’s broken until your data is compromised. Sometimes a simple reboot of the main server is all it takes to keep things secure – a five-minute checkup. However, the best plan is for at least a weekly check-in on the logs, and a monthly or quarterly security patch update.

Business Processes Have Changed

You chose to build custom software to give you a competitive advantage and because off the shelf software didn’t meet your needs. So custom software was chosen and it’s served you well, but time can take its toll and a refresh could be required. Your company isn’t doing business exactly the way it was when the software was developed and maybe a facelift is needed. A full rewrite is usually NOT the best option. You may be surprised that adding a few new features and freshening up the look might be quite cost-effective. You also don’t need to budget everything at once. Working with a team like Woodridge, allows you to budget monthly changes and fixes as required to help you maintain your competitive edge.

Adapt to New Technologies

The introduction of wearables like the Apple Watch and Fitbit could mean a world of new possibilities for your already existing app. Wearables act as a pathway to send and receive information to and from your app. You could push out notifications to your users or allow them to send information such as location or voice messages back to your app. Along with hardware advances, new software is being released every day. This means new APIs and new integrations that could make your already great software that much better.

Manage Increased Demand

Was your software built for a smaller number of users than you have today? Is your business growing quickly? Then maybe your software needs a boost. Simple things like increasing server size can make a large difference in performance (often for just a few dollars more each month in hosting costs). However, maybe your business is really exploding, then you might need something more for your software. First, congratulations – your business is doing great! Now, let’s make the changes to your software to make sure it can keep up with your growth. If you’re receiving complaints from your users about a lack of functions or slow load times, chances are your custom software isn’t meeting your increased user demand. We can help you upgrade your custom software to work with the current number of users and allow room for growth in the future.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Custom software is helping you to win in the marketplace, giving you the edge you need. Maybe a competitor is nipping at your heels, and you need to recapture your market share. Just like your best people and IT infrastructure, you need to make an investment in your software needs to keep you on top. It’s always better to follow the ounce of prevention is a pound of cure model and keep on top of your software. Small regular updates can mean avoiding complete refreshes every five or so years. However, if it’s been longer than five years, a complete refresh might be the best option. Even if you do need a complete refresh, it can be done in phases. For example, a new front-end can be built on the old back-end which can be updated as a second phase. There are lots of options when deciding to upgrade and choosing a partner that will walk you through them without bias is always the best place to start.

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