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Good UX/UI Design is Good Business

Good user experience is crucial to successful software. At Woodridge, we go beyond designing graphics and interfaces. Beginning with understanding your users and their needs, we design an experience that meets their needs while achieving your specific business goals.

Whether you’re looking for a fully functional application, a prototype to be used to demo to investors, or deliverables for your internal development group, our design team will work closely with you to ensure that your product exceeds expectations.

Example of User Interface designed by Woodridge Software

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    Everyone understands the value of the product when they see it. They can navigate and flow through the application without any help from someone else; compared to our other products, that just wasn’t achievable.

    Senior Director $18 Billion Security Company

    Designing for Your Users

    After understanding your business strategy and project scope, we work with you to define the various user types that will interact with the software. During this step, we also engage with our Software Architects and Project Managers to ensure the feasibility of key project concepts.

    With your user archetypes in mind, we begin designing their experience as they interact with the software. This results in user-stories, user-flows, and journey mapping that describe the screens and decision points that will be encountered.

    Next, we design wireframes and interface elements where layout, navigation, key screens, and interactions emerge.

    The last step is to finalize the look and feel of the product. A style-guide and design system is matured and documented. Prototypes are created that allow you to engage with the designs long before functional software is developed.

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    Collaborating with your team

    You don’t need to know how to do UX/UI design yourself in order to be innovative. You are the expert on your business. At Woodridge, we speak your language and work closely with your team throughout the design process to create experiences that truly serve your users.

    If you do happen to have a UX/UI team, we can work closely with them in any design tool you prefer. Our team is well-versed in many technologies to make collaboration easy.

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    • Ideation & DiscoveryIdeation & Discovery
    • User ResearchUser Research
    • Journey MappingJourney Mapping
    • WireframingWireframing
    • UI DesignUI Design
    • PrototypingPrototyping


    • Adobe CCAdobe CC
    • SketchSketch
    • FigmaFigma
    • OmnigraffleOmnigraffle
    • ZeplinZeplin
    • InvisionInvision

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    We have a pretty straightforward process for starting projects:

    1. Discovery

      We start projects with a 15-30 minute discovery call. In this call, we tell you a little about Woodridge and learn about your project to see if there’s a good fit.

    2. Requirements Gathering

      This call is an hour long and will involve our design and development team leads. At this point, we’re getting a list of features, functionality and third-party integrations. By the end of this call, we will give you a high-level estimate for the project, with a more detailed estimate to follow.

    3. Project Proposal

      Our team leaders will take the requested feature list and come up with an estimate, project timeline and project strategy. We turn these around in a week and they contain everything that you need to make a decision.

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